Buxtehude: Sonatas Op. 2

Composer: Dietrich Buxtehude
Solist: Stefano Montanari, Rodney Prada, Maurizio Salerno
Orchestra: L'Estravagante
Genre: Baroque
Label: SACD
Booklet with lyrics/libretto: no
CDs / Unit: 1
Cat-Nr.: 47732-8
Total Time: 67:14
Recording Date: 8.-10.11.06 + 8.-11.01.07
Technology: Hybrid: 5+1 surround and stereo high resolution (DSD technique) + stereo CD layer
Release Date: 12.2008


During his lifetime Dieterich Buxtehude was certainly as famous as the nowadays well known Nobel prize winners Thomas Mann, Günter Grass and Willy Brandt, who are also connected to Buxtehudes hometown Lübeck.

The fantastic music of Dieterich Buxtehude enthused many people all over the world. Johann Sebastina Bach, Georg Friedrich Handel and Johann Mattheson came to visit him in Lübeck and took classes to elaborate their organ play and their composing skills. Besides his vocal music and the music for keyboard only two publications of his trio-sonatas are preserved.

With the release on hand ARTS presents the second part of Buxtehudes trio-sonatas, the Sonatas op. 2. They are recorded by the ensemble L’Estravagante that herewith presents a remarkable example of Buxtehudes most beautiful music. Their interpretation makes it easy to understand why contemporaries of Buxtehude found these works so fascinating.

See also the first SACD of this series (ARTS 47731-8).

Table of MP3 Tracks

No. Tracktitle Tracktime Price put into basket  
Disc 1
Sonata I in B Flat Major
01.19 0,99 €
Adagio - Allegro
Sonata I in B Flat Major
02.28 0,99 €
Grave - Vivace - Lento
Sonata I in B Flat Major
03.18 0,99 €
Poco adagio - Presto
Sonata I in B Flat Major
01.58 0,99 €
Adagio - Allegro - Largo
Sonata II in D Major
03.22 0,99 €
Sonata II in D Major
06.35 2,00 €
Largo - Vivace
Sonata II in D Major
02.20 0,99 €
Vivace - Lento
Sonata III in G Minor
02.52 0,99 €
Allegro - Lento
Sonata III in G Minor
01.35 0,99 €
Andante - Grave
Sonata III in G Minor
04.33 0,99 €
Sonata III in G Minor
02.00 0,99 €
Poco adagio
Sonata IV in C Minor
01.40 0,99 €
Sonata IV in C Minor
01.27 0,99 €
Lento - (...) - Vivace
Sonata IV in C Minor
04.30 0,99 €
Sonata V in A Major
08.00 2,00 €
Sonata V in A Major
01.19 0,99 €
Sonata V in A Major
02.11 0,99 €
Adagio (solo)
Sonata V in A Major
01.18 0,99 €
Allegro - Adagio
Sonata V in A Major
01.21 0,99 €
(...) - Poco presto
Sonata V in A Major
02.08 0,99 €
Grave - Vivace
Sonata VI in E Major
03.46 0,99 €
Adagio - Poco presto - Lento
Sonata VI in E Major
04.02 0,99 €
Sonata VI in E Major
01.32 0,99 €
Adagio - (...)
Sonata VII in F Major
03.00 0,99 €
Lento - Vivace
Sonata VII in F Major
02.42 0,99 €
Largo - Allegro
Sonata VII in F Major
02.45 0,99 €


SA-CD.net (19.01.2009)

Inspired by the positive review of the companion disc Buxtehude: Sonatas Op. 1 - L'Estravagante (ARTS 47731-8), I obtained this wonderful gem. Recommended for those with an avid interest in Buxtehude or the development of the violin sonata. Performance: 4 Stars, Sonics (MC): 4 ½ Stars (John Broggio)

Read the complete review here.

Turok's Choice, October 2008 (01.10.2008)

47731-8 und 47732-8: The playing is very florid (…).

American Record Guide, Sept./Oct. 2008 (30.09.2008)

47731-8 und 47732-8: (…) beautifully performed by Stephano Montanari (violin), Rodney Prada (viola da gamba), and Maurizio Salerno (harpsichord). (Loewen)

Toccata, 38/2008 (15.09.2008)

47731-8 und 47732-8: (...) here everything isright. In the solo passages, the first two [Stefano Montanari (violin), Rodney Prada (gamba)] show their virtuosity, while the latter [Maurizio Salerno (harpsichord)] arranges the basso continuo exquisitely. The ensemble's sound is very pleasant, and with a very precise articulation and clear dynamic accents a very expressive and meaningful interpretation has been formed.

MusicWeb International, July 2008 (24.07.2008)

47731-8 und 47732-8: (…) these are very impressive and expressive interpretations of Buxtehude's splendid sonatas. (Johan van Veen)

Read the complete review here.

Classical Net (24.07.2008)

47731-8 und 47732-8: L'Estravagante play with impressive commitment and persuasive artistry, and in their hands, the music shines in all its radiant simplicity. To my mind, these interpretations hold the answer to why Buxtehude's contemporaries found these works so fascinating. The high quality sound and informative notes complete two superlative additions to the Buxtehude canon. (Gerald Fenech)

Read the complete review here.

Read also the reviews by Raymond Tuttle: http://www.classical.net/music/recs/reviews/a/ats47731a.php and http://www.classical.net/music/recs/reviews/a/ats47732b.php

Classical Net (24.07.2008)

The present performers (who also recorded Op. 1) play this music with an unforced vigor, and also demonstrate an awareness of stylistic issues. (…) but I never felt like I was wearing a hair shirt as I enjoyed these well-recorded (and well-annotated) readings. (Raymond Tuttle)

Read the complete review here.

pizzicato, 4/2008 (01.04.2008)

47731-8 und 47732-8: "Supersonic Award" from pizzicato 4/2008 (PiRath)

klassik.com (22.02.2008)

Recommended sonata art. If any further proof of the musical versatility of the three musicians were needed, one will find it here without any problems (...). (...) extemely high degree balanced interpretation that equally aims for an elaboration of musical contrasts as well as for a possibly organic organization of the movement transitions. (...) high quality of very deliberate and carefully matched playing (...). Sound Quality: 5 Stars (Stefan Drees)

Read the complete review here.

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