Complete Piano Works - Vol. 3

Composers: Giovanni Sgambati
Soloist: Pietro Spada
Genre: Piano
Label: Red Line
Booklet with lyrics/libretto: no
CDs / Unit: 1
Cat-Nr.: 47589-2
Total Time: 67:45
Recordingdate: Jun 98
Technologie: Digital
Release Date: 2001


Following a deep and long research in musical archives, Pietro Spada was able to achieve the first ever complete recording of Sgambati's piano works. Giovanni Sgambati (1841-1914)
was considered as the most important Italian pianist of the 19th Century. He was also recognized as the only true alternative to Franz Liszt who was formerly his teacher and later his best friend. He toured Europe with Liszt and altogether with him Sgambati founded the "Scuola Romana", one of the most important music schools of those years. As virtuoso piano player and composer, Sgambati performed throughout all Europe, being close friend to
Wagner and Rubinstein. The most well known pianists also played his compositions until the first part of the last century. Surprisingly neglected by the record companies, Sgambati is one
of the few composers that really deserve a better renown. Arts is proud to offer this complete edition in four CDs, including many unpublished works, besides famous "encores" such as the
"Canzone Lituana". Pietro Spada confirms to be the most authoritative performer of Italian piano music. He also
edited the complete works of Sgambati, which will be finally published altogether with these

- first ever complete recording of Sgambati's complete piano works
- recorded by Pietro Spada, the most authoritative performer of Italian piano music

Table of MP3 Tracks

No. Tracktitle Tracktime Price put into basket  
Disc 1
Prélude, in B minor
Suite in B minor op. 21
04.35 0,99 €
Valse, in B minor
Suite in B minor op. 21
06.00 2,00 €
Air, in B minor
Suite in B minor op. 21
03.23 0,99 €
Intermezzo, in E mjor
Suite in B minor op. 21
03.58 0,99 €
Etude mélodique, in B major
Suite in B minor op. 21
05.00 2,00 €
Boite à musique, in D flat major
05.54 2,00 €
Romanza, in A major
04.00 0,99 €
Gavotta, in A flat minor
05.00 2,00 €
Suite op. 42
01.05 0,99 €
Berceuse rêverie
Suite op. 42
04.54 0,99 €
Melodia campestre
Suite op. 42
03.53 0,99 €
Unpublished pieces
01.45 0,99 €
Scherzo, in E major
Unpublished pieces
04.49 0,99 €
Presentimento, in A flat major
Unpublished pieces
01.31 0,99 €
Mestizia, in F sharp minor
Unpublished pieces
04.40 0,99 €
Romanza, in F major
Unpublished pieces
02.33 0,99 €
Preludio, in C major
Unpublished pieces
01.50 0,99 €

Reviews: (18.11.2004)

"The Boite à Musique is a most skilful emulation of the clockwork music-box effect - extremely attractive ... This series sheds pleasing and definitive light on a neglected corner of the romantic repertoire ... encouraged by the excellence of many of these pieces, [Spada] rises to the challenge with high honours"

America Record Guide (17.06.2004)

"Competent ... With sympathy"

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