Esa Noche Yo Baílá - Feast and Devotion in High Peru of the 17th Century

Composer: Peruvian anonymous, Peruvian anonymous (p. Martínez Companón), Santiago de Murcia, Juan Cabanilles, José Marín, Pedro Ximénez, Francisco Guerau, Peruvian anonymous (p. Amédée Francois Frézier), Tomás de Herrera, Spanish anonymous (17th century), Clemente Imana, Bolivian anonymous
Solist: Julián Navarro, Jairo Serrano, Leonor Convers, Johannes Blockholt, Carlos Serrano, Elisabeth Wright
Orchestra: Músíca Fícta
Genre: Ancient Music
Label: SACD
Booklet with lyrics/libretto: yes
CDs / Unit: 1
Cat-Nr.: 47727-8
Total Time: 69:41
Recording Date: Sep 02
Technology: Hybrid: 5+1 surround and stereo high resolution (DSD technique) + stereo CD layer
Release Date: Mrz 06


It's no longer a secret among lovers and classicists of historic music performances that the repertoire of 17th century Latin-American music holds real treasures. That is why the Columbian ensemble MÚSÍCA FÍCTA, specialised in instrumental music and vocal recitation, sought out works of that time and decided to release them on a beautiful ARTS Hybrid SACD.

The music is fascinating because apparently incompatible elements such as dances, women, God and the Virgin Mary were brought together. Borders between the culture of the common people and the noble, between the clerical and secular world were overstepped. Pictures of love and devotion as well as feasts and worship come to mind whilst listening to the Hispanic-American Baroque music.

It is a great pleasure for us to present you with these enjoyable works in our ARTS authentic blue line as Hybrid SACD in multichannel surround sound. 

Table of MP3 Tracks

No. Tracktitle Tracktime Price put into basket  
Disc 1
Tonada la lata
(Ricardo Rojas Museum, Buenos Aires, codex Ms Fray Gregorio de Zuola)
01.32 0,99 €
Cachua al nacimiento de Christo Nuestro Señor
(Trujillo del Perú a fines del siglo XVII. c. 1785. T. II, fol. E. 177)
02.25 0,99 €
Marizápalos (1714)
04.46 0,99 €
Tiento XXIV de falsas
(Catalonia Library, Barcelona, Ms. 387)
03.45 0,99 €
Desengañémonos ya
(Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, MU 4-1958, MuMs 727)
02.21 0,99 €
Caballero de armas blancas
(Seminary of San Antonio Abad, Cuzco, Perú, Ms. 223)
03.59 0,99 €
(Poema harmonico compuesto de varias cifras por el temple de la guitarra espanola, Madrid, 1694)
02.40 0,99 €
Ojos pues me desdeñáis
(Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, MU 4-1958, MuMs 727)
03.50 0,99 €
No piense Menguilla
(Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, MU 4-1958, MuMs 727)
03.05 0,99 €
(Amédeée Francois Frézier. Relation du Voyage de la Mer du sud aux cotes du Chily et du Peru, fait pendant les anées 1712, 1713 & 1714. Paris, 1716)
02.36 0,99 €
María, todo es María
(Amédeée Francois Frézier. Relation du Voyage de la Mer du sud aux cotes du Chily et du Peru, fait pendant les anées 1712, 1713 & 1714. Paris, 1716)
03.02 0,99 €
Tiento XIII de dos tiples y dos baixos
(Codex Felantix, Cosme Bauzá Foundation, Mallorca)
07.24 2,00 €
Hijos de Eva tributarios
(Ricardo Rojas Museum, Buenos Aires, Fray Gregorio de Zuola Ms)
02.29 0,99 €
Tortolilla si no es por amor
(Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, MU 4-1958, MuMs 727)
03.13 0,99 €
Pasacalles de primer tono I
(E-Mn 1357-60, Martin y Coll. Flores de Música, 1709)
02.28 0,99 €
Filis yo tengo
(Private collection of Miguel Querol Cvaldá)
03.41 0,99 €
La jotta (& Tonada la donosa)
(Codex Saldívar No. 4 - property of the Saldívar family, Mexico City)
03.56 0,99 €
Entrada de clarín antes de tocar canciones
(E-Mn 1357-60, Martín y Coll. Flores de Música, 1709)
02.32 0,99 €
Esa noche yo bailá
(Archive of Santa Clara monastery, Cochabamba, Bolivia)
03.06 0,99 €
Don Pedro a quien los crueles
(Ricardo Rojas Museum, Buenos Aires, codex Ms. Fray Gregorio de Zuola)
06.42 2,00 €

Reviews: (30.04.2007)

"Einen Faszinierenden Einblick in diese apollinisch-dionysische Gemisch des lateinamerikanischen Barock....gibt das Ensemble, das sich nicht nur durch kreative Interpretationen dieser Musik auszeichnet, sondern die Musik für seine Programme auch akribisch recherchiert"

"A fascinating view of the hispanic baroque......the ensemble not only distinguishes themselves through their creative music interpretation but has also meticulously looks into the music of their program"

read complete review:

Audiophile Audition (06.03.2007)

"Musica Ficta has given us an elegantly ordered recital with a taste of just about everything, and it leaves me hanking for more. A first class production all around, to be acquired with some urgency"

Read complete review:

American Record Guide (02.02.2007)

"Listeners with a taste for the lively and exotic will find this music irresistible" (02.02.2007)

"Musica Ficta's performances are not only first rate but also in complete empathy with this very special musical domain... the delicate sound quality coupled with some top-notch annotations make this disc a top proposition"

Supersonic from pizzicato!!! (12/2006) (30.11.2006)

“A wonderful production that bring us in the world of the devotional feasts of the high Peru in the 17th century… Musica Ficta, an ensemble that is extremely coherent and specialised in a repertoire that loses nothing in comparison with the European one of the same age. A breathtaking recording with excellent spatial rendition of the performers”

MUZYKA21 (09.11.2006)

"wybitne" 5 Stars

Crescendo (20.04.2006)

"Einen faszinierenden Einblick in die alltägliche Musik im Peru des 17. Jahrhunderts gibt diese CD"

"This CD gains a fantastic insight of common 17th century Peruvian music"

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