Gruß An Wien - New Year's Concert in Vienna

Composers: Franz von Suppé, Johann Strauss jr., Johann (Vater) Strauss, Franz Lehar, Eduard Strauss, Josef Strauss, Carl Michael Ziehrer
Conductor: Peter Guth
Soloist: Ildiko Raimondi
Orchestra: Strauss Festival Orchester Wien
Genre: Concert
Label: Blue Line
Booklet includes lyrics/libretto: no
CDs / Unit: 1
Cat-No.: 47709-2
Total Time: 64:06
Recordingdate: Jan 05
Technologie: Digital 24bit/96khz
Release Date: Jan 05


Throughout the world when speaking about New Year Concerts, one thinks of dance melodies by the brothers Johann and Josef Strauss and their contemporaries. We also know that especially in Vienna this music is used to joyously welcome each New Year!

ARTS also wants to welcome the new year joyously and that is why we exclusively present shortly before the beginning of next year the live recording of this years NEW YEARS CONCERT in Vienna from the Strauss Festival Orchestra in Vienna, conducted by Peter Guth. The orchestra accompanies the solo soprano Ildikó Raimondi from the Staatsoper in Vienna who is not only because of her unusual programs a highly-regarded singer.

The programme could not be more typically Viennese. Especially for this reason it also includes Hungarian and Spanish elements along with the obligatory waltzes and polkas. ARTS presents this live recording with 24bit / 96 kHz technique in the ARTS BLUE LINE format.

Table of MP3 Tracks

No. Tracktitle Tracktime Price put into basket  
Disc 1
Die schöne Galathee (Ouvertüre)
07.18 2,00 €
Tik-Tak-Polka op 365
from: "Die Fledermaus"
02.38 0,99 €
"Klänge der Heimat" (Csárdás der Rosalinde)
from: "Die Fledermaus"
04.38 0,99 €
from: "Ritter Pasman"
09.18 2,00 €
Eljen a Magyar (ungarische Polka schnell) op. 332
02.23 0,99 €
Sperl-Galopp op. 42
02.00 0,99 €
Freikugeln (Polka schnell) op. 326
02.47 0,99 €
"Schwipslied", Annen-Polka (Arr. Anton Paulik)
02.49 0,99 €
from: "Der Graf von Luxemburg"
Composer: Franz Lehar
Soloist: Ildiko Raimondi
03.15 0,99 €
"Meine Lippen, sie küssen so heiß"
from: "Giuditta"
Composer: Franz Lehar
Soloist: Ildiko Raimondi
05.48 2,00 €
Gruß an Wien (Polka francaise) op. 225
03.59 0,99 €
Bahn frei! (Polka schnell) op. 45
02.02 0,99 €
Delirien (Walzer) op. 212
Composer: Josef Strauss
Soloist: Ildiko Raimondi
08.35 2,00 €
Loslassen (Polka schnell) op. 386
01.59 0,99 €
"Liebe schöne alte Donaustadt"
from: "Der Fremdenführer"
04.27 0,99 €


MUZYKA 21 (09.11.2006)

"wartosciowe" 4 Stars

TUROK'S CHOICE (09.11.2006)

"a "live" enjoyable Viennese New Year's Eve concert" (20.04.2006)

"..the Strauss Festival Orchester... plays itself into such a trance that the sparks fly even when merely listening to their performances on CD, as opposed to really being there"


"The audience from 1/1/2005 concert at the Konzerthaus Wien goes nuts, and you'll be popping a champagne cork or two yourself"

Kurier am Sonntag (09.02.2006)

"Thanks to the participating Ildiko Raimondi listening is a lot of fun"

Kurier am Sonntag (09.02.2006)

"Auch Dank der mitwirkenden Ildiko Raimondi macht das Zuhören Spaß"

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