L'Enfant et les Sortilèges, Ma Mère l'Oye

Composers: Maurice Ravel
Conductor: Peter Maag
Soloist: Andrée Aubery Luchini, Geneviève Macaux, Colette Herzog, Derrick Olsen, Pierre Mollet, Michel Sénéchal, Mady Mesplé, Fernanda Cadoni, Paola Scanabucci
Chorus: Coro RAI di Roma, Coro di Voci Bianchi "Magnificat"
Orchestra: Orchestra Sinfonica RAI di Roma
Label: Archives
Booklet with lyrics/libretto: yes
CDs / Unit: 1
Cat-Nr.: 43039-2
Total Time: 61:29
Recordingdate: Mrz 63
Technologie: Remastered 24bit/96kHz
Release Date: Mai 04


Maag was the student of a true Ravel-admirer such as Ernest Ansermet, and his recordings by RAI reflect his exceptional feel for this music.

In the 1950's and 1960's, RAI organised great concerts with all of the most important soloists and conductors performing at the time. The Diptychon of the two small Ravel-operas was entrusted to Maag, who at the time could already look back on an extensive collaboration with the orchestras of the Italian broadcasting company. The chorale of singers included the best which French opera had to offer at the time.

Two events occurred which were truly unique and became unrepeatable due to the combination of this stroke of good fortune. Voices were included which at the time were already well-known from Ravel's music, such as Michel Sénéchal, Colette Herzog and Philippe Mollet; furthermore, there were other singers who stood at the beginning of a brilliant career, such as Mady Mesplé (in three parts of Enfant et les Sortilèges) as well as Eric Tappy (Gonzalve in L’Heure espagnole); and there were voices who had arisen through the world of French opera like a comet, such as Andrée Aubery Luchini, who at that particular moment fitted into their parts perfectly.

That the Italian radio placed great importance on these recordings is reflected by the fact that a special stereophonic recording technique was used both for L’Heure espagnole in Turin, as well as for L’enfant et les Sortilèges in Rome. Particularly in Turin, new tape machines and tube-microphones were tested on this occasion, which, after restoration of the original tape, presented quite surprising sonic results for a recording of that time. No listener would believe this recording is 40 years old! The recording is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and accomplished. 

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Table of MP3 Tracks

No. Tracktitle Tracktime Price put into basket  
Disc 1
J`ai pas envie de faire ma page
First Part (L`enfant, La Mère)
L`Enfant et les Sortilèges
04.36 0,99 €
Votre serviteur humble, Bergère
First Part (Le Fauteuil, La Bergère)
L`Enfant et les Sortilèges
01.57 0,99 €
Ding, Ding, Ding!
First Part (L`Horologe comtoise)
L`Enfant et les Sortilèges
Composer: Maurice Ravel
Soloist: Pierre Mollet
01.27 0,99 €
How`s your Mag?
(La Théière, La Tasse chinoise, L`Enfant)
L`Enfant et les Sortilèges
03.01 0,99 €
Arrière! Je réchauffe les bons
First Part (Le Feu)
L`Enfant et les Sortilèges
Composer: Maurice Ravel
Soloist: Mady Mesplé
02.29 0,99 €
Adieu, Pastourelles
First Part (Les Patres et pastoures, Un Patre, Une Pastourelle)
L`Enfant et les Sortilèges
03.28 0,99 €
Ah! C`est Elle, c`est Elle!
First Part (L`Enfant, La Princesse)
L`Enfant et les Sortilèges
07.09 2,00 €
Deux robinets coulent dans un réservoir!
First Part (Le Petit Vieillard, Les chiffres)
L`Enfant et les Sortilèges
01.52 0,99 €
Oh! ma tete!
First Part (L`Enfant)
L`Enfant et les Sortilèges
02.59 0,99 €
Ké, ké, ké, ké, ké, Coac
Second Part (Les Rainettes, L`Enfant, L`Arbre et Les Arbres)
L`Enfant et les Sortilèges
02.57 0,99 €
Second Part (La Libellule, Le Rossignol, Les Rainettes, L`Enfant, La Chauve-Souris)
L`Enfant et les Sortilèges
02.34 0,99 €
Danse des Rainettes
Second Part
L`Enfant et les Sortilèges
Composer: Maurice Ravel
02.06 0,99 €
Sauve-toi, sotte!
Second Part (L`Écureuil, La Rainette, L`Enfant)
L`Enfant et les Sortilèges
02.45 0,99 €
Ah! Ah! C`est l`Enfant au couteau!
Second Part (Les Betes, Les Arbres)
L`Enfant et les Sortilèges
Composer: Maurice Ravel
02.59 0,99 €
Il est bon, l`Enfant, il est sage
Second Part (Choeur)
L`Enfant et les Sortilèges
Composer: Maurice Ravel
02.47 0,99 €
Pavane de la Belle au bois dormant
Ma Mère l`Oye, suite
Composer: Maurice Ravel
01.34 0,99 €
Petit Poucet
Ma Mère l`Oye, suite
Composer: Maurice Ravel
02.53 0,99 €
Laideronette, Impératrice des pagodes
Ma Mère l`Oye, suite
Composer: Maurice Ravel
03.19 0,99 €
Les Entretiens de la Belle et de la Bete
Ma Mère l`Oye, suite
Composer: Maurice Ravel
03.43 0,99 €
Le Jardin féérique
Ma Mère l`Oye, suite
Composer: Maurice Ravel
03.20 0,99 €


Pizzicato (01.12.2004)

"The cast is excellent ... super-virtuoso Mady Mesplé ... very touching Andrée Aubery Luchini ... magnificent Michel Sénéchal ... Peter Maag turns the orchestral part into an extremely lively and colourful one ... The spirit of the work is given in an ideal manner"

Pizzicato (F) (01.12.2004)

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