La Musica per San Rocco

Composer: Giovanni Gabrieli, Bartolomeo Barbarino
Conductor: Elena Sartori
Solist: Elena Sartori
Chorus: Melodi Cantores
Orchestra: La Pifarescha
Genre: Ancient Music
Label: SACD
Booklet with lyrics/libretto: yes
CDs / Unit: 1
Cat-Nr.: 47762-8
Total Time: 72:11
Recording Date: 03/2012
Technology: Hybrid: 5+1 surround and stereo high resolution (DSD technique) + stereo CD layer
Release Date: 06/2012


On the occasion of the 400th anniversary of Giovanni Gabrieli's death, who was one of the most influential musicians of the Venetian School, we are pleased to present you with this extraordinary recording of ''La Musica per San Rocco''. 

''La Musica per San Rocco'' can be imagined as a type of music event which must have been usual in 17th Century Venice, and which represented its relish for splendour and freedom from strict schemes very well. 

Thomas Coryat wrote 1611 in his report ''Coryat's Crudities'':

''The third feast was upon Saint Roches day being Saturday and the sixth day of August, where I heard the best musicke that ever I did in all my life both in the morning and in the afternoone, so good that I would willingly goe an hundred miles a foote at any time to hear the like...This feast consisted principally of musicke, which was both vocall and instrumentall, so good, so delectable, so rare, so admirable, so superexcellent, that I did even ravish and stupifie all those strangers that never heard the like...''. 

Look forward to this new recording with the ensembles Melodi Cantores and La Pifarescha (on historic instruments) directed by Elena Sartori, which is presented by ARTS in June 2012 as high-quality, multi-channel Hybrid SACD and superior 24 bit/96 kHz sound quality.

Table of MP3 Tracks

No. Tracktitle Tracktime Price put into basket  
Disc 1
Fuga sul IX Tono

Organ Graziadio Antegnati 1565

(Ly.A.Ims 331 Bibl. des Grafen zu Lynar, Spreewald Museum, Lubbenau)

02.34 0,99 €
In Ecclesiis a 14 (C 78)
Coro I: Alessandro Carmignani, cantus - Aurelio Schiavoni, altus - Alberto Allegrezza, tenor - Marco Scavazza, baritone - chitarrone

Coro II: 3 cornetts, 3 sackbuts

Coro III: cappella, violone

Organ in figured bass

07.26 2,00 €
Domine Deus Meus a 6 (C 127)
Alessandro Carmignani, cantus - Aurelio Schiavoni, altus - Alberto Allegrezza, sexta vox - Marco Scavazza, quinta vox - Yiannis Vassilakis, tenor - Davide Benetti, bass
Composers: Giovanni Gabrieli
07.52 2,00 €
Audi, Dulcis Amica Mea (Bartolomeo Barbarino, 1593- ca. 1617)

(Ghirlanda sacra…libro primo, Venice, 1625)

Alessandro Carmignani, cantus - chitarrone

03.45 0,99 €
Toccata e Ricercare sul II Tono

Organ Graziadio Antegnati 1565

(Diruta's Il Transilvano / Mus. Ms. 1581 Bayern State Library)

05.42 2,00 €
Timor et Tremor a 6 (C 142)
Alessandro Carmignani, cantus - Alberto Allegrezza, altus - Mauro Collina, tenor - Michele Concato, quinta vox - Marco Scavazza, sexta vox - Decio Biavati, bass
Composers: Giovanni Gabrieli
06.32 2,00 €
Venite Ad Me (Bartolomeo Barbarino, 1593- ca. 1617)
(Ghirlanda sacra…libro primo, Venice 1625)

Aurelio Schiavoni, cantus - chitarrone

03.39 0,99 €
Sonata N. 21 con 3 violini (C 224)
Composers: Giovanni Gabrieli
04.00 0,99 €
Buccinate in Neomenia Tuba a 19 (C 84)

Coro I: 3 cornetts, sackbut - Marco Scavazza, baritone

Coro II: Alessandro Carmignani, cantus - 3 sackbuts, dulcian

Coro III: cappella, violone

Coro IV: Yiannis Vassilakis, baritone - 4 sackbuts

Organ in figured bass

04.06 0,99 €
Canzona N. 14 a 10 (C 207)
3 violins, 3 cornetts, dulcian, 3 sackbuts

Organ Graziadio Antegnati 1565

03.46 0,99 €
Ave Maria (Bartolomeo Barbarino, 1593- ca. 1617)

(Ghirlanda sacra…libro primo, Venice 1625)

Alessandro Carmignani, cantus - chitarrone

02.16 0,99 €
Litaniae Beatissimae Mariae Virginis a 8

(ms.Sacrae Symphoniae, Venice 1615)

Coro I: Alessandro Carmignani, cantus - Aurelio Schiavoni, altus - Mauro Collina, tenor - Davide Benetti, bass - Ripieno: cornett, tenor cornett, dulcian, sackbut

Organ, chitarrone

Coro II: Alberto Allegrezza, tenor - 3 sackbuts

Ripieno: Michele Concato, tenor - Marco Scavazza, baritone - Decio Biavati, bass

10.53 3,00 €
Fuga e Ricercare su VII e VIII Tono

(Mus. Ms. 1581 Bayern State Library)

Organ Graziadio Antegnati 1565

03.01 0,99 €
Magnificat a 33 (C 151; arr. Hugh Keyte)

Coro I: 3 violins - Fabio Comberlato, altus - Matteo Bellotto, bass

Coro II: Alberto Allegrezza, tenor - 3 sackbuts, dulcian

Coro III: Cappella prima: Aurelio Schiavoni, cantus - Mauro Collina, tenor - Marcus Kohler, baritone - Decio Biavati, bass - violone

Coro IV: Alessandro Carmignani, cantus - 4 sackbuts

Coro V: Cappella seconda: Jacopo Facchini, altus - Michele Concato, tenor - Marco Scavazza, baritone - Davide Benetti, bass - violone

Coro VI: 3 cornetts - Andrea Arrivabene, altus - Yiannis Vassilakis, baritone

Coro VII: Nicolò Pasello, tenor - 3 sackbuts, dulcian

Organ in figured bass

06.06 2,00 €


Medioevo (Italy), January 2013 (01.01.2013)

An excellent performance of 'Melodi Cantores Ensemble' and 'La Pifarescha', both conducted by Elena Sartori with sensitivity and masterly skill. (Franco Bruni)

Muzyka21, grudzien 2012 (01.12.2012)

4 Stars. Enjoy the result of thorough research and careful preparation of music, both of the vocal group and the instrumental music. [This album seems] to be a valuable publishing in 2012 as an initiative commemorating the fourhundredth anniversary of the death of Giovanni Gabrieli. An interesting choice of repertoire, good performance, adequate technical quality recordings that should appeal to music lovers not only old, but audiophiles who appreciate this multi-channel reception in the SACD format in which they were written. (Paul Chmielowski)

MusicWeb International, November 2012 (01.11.2012)

Well researched and beautifully performed and recorded (…).Vocal ensemble Melodi Cantores and La Pifarescha on historic instruments are directed to great effect in this recording by Elena Sartori, and this is a highly enjoyable release which sounds terrific in plain stereo, and can blow your socks off in multi-channel surround. Thoroughly attractive. (Dominy Clements)

Read the complete review here.

See also the review by Gary Higginson.

MusicWeb International, October 2012 (16.10.2012)

(…) Elena Sartori’s gorgeous and brilliant excellent programme note. (…) in this excellently planned CD, there is much variety. With the inclusion of the famous In Ecclesis and ending with a superb Magnificat this would in many ways be a good place to start if you are, as it were, a Gabrieli virgin. In addition this disc has the advantage for some of being a hybrid SACD, ideal for this spacious repertoire. One can imagine standing high at the west end of St. Marks. Listen to the Magnificat especially to gain the best idea of what has been achieved. Ah, well, just enjoy. (Gary Higginson)

Read the complete review here.

See also the review by Dominy Clements.

Crescendo (11.10.2012)

The choice of program is very valuable, both for the musicians who animate as well as for us as audience. In fact, the musicians emphasize the compositional singularity of Gabrieli, both in terms of dynamic and those of the musical phrase. The interpretation provides a perfect intelligibility that underlines the close relationship of text and music. The interpretation's quality is characterized by a appropriate reading of the selected works and implementation's accuracy. It takes us to the heart of the Venetian spirit of the time, ranging from pomp to reverence. (Marie-Sophie Mosnier)

Read the complete French review here.

Musica (01.10.2012)

There is no doubt that this record represents a significant and bold step forward in the rediscovery of the music of Giovanni Gabrieli. 4 of 5 Stars. (Marco Bizzarini) (19.09.2012)

Music for the feast of Saint Roches from the pen of Giovanni Gabrieli, colored sound offered by the ensembles Melodi Cantores and La Pifarescha, both expertly and temperamentally lead by Elena Sartori. The disc provides a very nice portrait of Giovanni Gabrieli as a composer of truly independent dimension. Of course, the multi-voiced major movements in their exchange of fantastic sound concentration and finely opened passages are of the noblest of spacial art. The 'Magnificat' for 33 voices gives a splendid impression thererof. But the canzoni, the intricate organ music or a surprisingly varied explicated litany show a most creative composer with the courage for individual solutions. Elena Sartori presents with her powerful formations an interesting as well as relevant program in full color. Interpretation: 4 Stars, Sound: 4 Stars (Dr. Matthias Lange)

Read the complete review here.

Il Sole 24 Ore (12.08.2012)

The Golden Album. Four hundred years have passed since Giovanni Gabrieli, excellent polyphonic composer, who introduced the Venetian landscape colouring into music, died in Venice. A CD made by the most versatile and best-prepared groups, based in Ravenna, where it has grown - thanks to Elena Sartori's thorough preparation - reminds us of that. The great flexibility of phrasing leads these musical pieces dedicated to Saint Roche straight to us, four hundred years summarized in an ''Amen''. (C.M.)

Musica (31.07.2012)

The new CD by ARTS: A musical journey in Venice (1608).

MDR Figaro (09.07.2012)

The excellent ensemble "La Pifarescha" and the singers of Melodi Cantores succeed under the direction of organist Elena Sartori in representing these complex compositions full of impressive grandeur and with that very grain of antique patina that lets the listener experience the spirit of music history. How instrumental and vocal choirs are coordinated and perfectly harmonize and even contrast, how the solo voices, each one for itself, develop entirely individual colors, and last but not least, how the organ playing by Elena Sartori ingeniously joins up, everything always alternating, this is what makes this CD an extremely worthy homage to one of the truly great masters of music history. (...) excellent recording quality (...).

Read the complete review here.

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