Le Rossiniane (2 CD-Box)

Composers: Mauro Giuliani
Soloist: Frédéric Zigante
Genre: Guitar
Label: Red Line
Booklet with lyrics/libretto: no
CDs / Unit: 1
Cat-Nr.: 47830-2
Total Time: 115:28
Recordingdate: Jul 92
Technologie: Digital
Release Date: Okt 06


In the work Le Rossiniane Rossini’s melodic ideas are combined with Giuliani’s virtuosity: a very strong combination for the 19th century. That is why it stands to reason that the two single recordings of Le Rossiniane, which were released on ARTS some years ago (a world premiere at that time), attracted great attention. Particularly because this music is played by a master of guitar: Frédéric Zigante.

In the year 1995, during the Expomusica in Pesaro/Italy, these recordings were honored with the award „Best Recording for Guitar“, the German magazine FonoForum recommended them as “Highly vitrtuosic 'Rossiniane'“ and Seicorde wrote: „Great CDs..... an overwhelming interpretation“.

We now put these two highly acclaimed recordings together for you in a beautiful collectors box. Let yourself be overwhelmed by the music.

Le Rossiniane (2 CD-Box) (CD)
Price:   16,00 €

Table of MP3 Tracks

No. Tracktitle Tracktime Price put into basket  
Disc 1
Rossiniana No. 1 op. 119
Otello - L' italiana in Algeri
Le Rossiniane - Vol. 1
15.26 4,00 €
Rossiniana No. 2 op. 120
Otello - Armida - Cenerentola - La gazza ladra
Le Rossiniane - Vol. 1
14.19 3,00 €
Rossiniana No. 3 op. 121
Cenerentola - La donna del lago - Unidentified theme - Il turco in Italia - Zelmira - Ricciardo e Zoraide
Le Rossiniane - Vol. 1
16.52 4,00 €
Rossiniana No. 4 op. 122
Unidentified theme - La gazza ladra - Mosè in Egitto - Matilde di Shabran - La pietra del paragone
Le Rossiniane - Vol. 1
15.24 4,00 €
No. Tracktitle Tracktime Price put into basket  
Disc 2
Rossiniana No. 5 op. 123
Il barbiere di Siviglia - Tancredi - Cenerentola - La gazza ladra
Le Rossiniane - Vol. 2
11.29 3,00 €
Rossiniana No. 6 op. 124
Semiramide - La donna del lago - L'assedio di Corinto
Le Rossiniane - Vol. 2
11.59 3,00 €
Variazioni op. 102
sulla Cavatina favorita "Nume perdonami" nei "Baccanali di Roma" del Sig. Generali
Le Rossiniane - Vol. 2
08.37 2,00 €
Variazioni di una facilità progressiva op. 146
dall'opera "Cenerentola"
Le Rossiniane - Vol. 2
10.01 3,00 €
Variazioni brillanti e della più grande facilità op. 87
sulla Cavatina favorita "Di tanti palpiti" dall'opera "Tancredi"
Le Rossiniane - Vol. 2
06.15 2,00 €
Variazioni op. 101
sulla Cavatina favorita "Deh! calma o ciel" dall'opera "Otello"
Le Rossiniane - Vol. 2
06.26 2,00 €


5/5 stars (21.06.2010)

 5/5 stars Muzyka 21

klassik.com (20.03.2008)

"Zigante beherrscht sein Instrument in höchstem Maße; er bietet die Stücke in frischen Tempi, graziösem Duktus und vor allen Dingen in einer intelligenten und fantasievollen Phrasierung, ergänzt um eine kontrastreiche dynamische Konturierung"

"Zigante is to an extremly high degree proficient in his instrument; he presents the works with fresh tempis... with an intelligent and visionary phrasing"

read complete review: http://magazin.klassik.com/reviews/reviews.cfm?task=record&RECID=9536&TITLE=AlleBesprechungen&LANGUAGE=1&CONTENT=ALL&CFID=6103099&CFTOKEN=4eb08b48b439660c-9BF359B3-B2E8-F19A-3A69412C787C3E26

Interview with Frédéric Zigante online at www.tokafi.com (23.07.2007)

15 Questions to Frederic Zigante

Complete editions are Frederic Zigante's specialty: He recorded all of Nicolo Paganini's guitar works, the entire guitar catalogue of Villa-Lobos, as well as the cosmos of Mauro Giuliani's "Le Rossiniane" (only recently re-released as a double disc box set on ARTS). Behind this desire for integrity hides no pathologically prolific mind, but a man who searches for profundity and who wants to use the power of interpretation to the good. The latter implies that Zigante eschews (or may we even say "despises") the modern-day tendency to submit a Classical works to the arbitrariness of subjectivity, to change it, alter it or even leave out certain passages for more easy digestability.......

Please follow the link to read the complete review: http://www.tokafi.com/15questions/15-questions-to-frederic-zigante/view

MUSICA (09.03.2007)

5 Stars from MUSICA: “The performances of Frédéric Zigante are still unsurpassed….Elegant, clean and warm interpretations with an instrumental brilliance that is a canon not to be ignored for any performance.”

Classical.Net (06.03.2007)

"Frederic Zigante's energy and enthusiasm for these gems is evident throughout. A memorable set"

Read complete review: http://www.classical.net/music/recs/reviews/a/ats47830a.html

tokafi.com (02.02.2007)

"One can thus get lost completely in these renditions, which are rich in their melodic, harmonic and rhythmic inventiveness and dramatic in the grandness of their design... Zigante has kept a certain airness, a breath of light heartness... He also manages to flood the notes with the rays of light"

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