Le Rossiniane Vol. 2

Composers: Mauro Giuliani
Soloist: Frédéric Zigante
Genre: Guitar
Label: Red Line
Booklet with lyrics/libretto: no
CDs / Unit: 1
Cat-Nr.: 47147-2
Total Time: 53:67
Recordingdate: Jul 92
Technologie: Digital
Release Date: 1996


This is the first complete recording of the six Rossiniane for guitar composed during last century by the italian musician Mauro Giuliani. Frederic Zigante performs this music with plenty of technical resources and great musicality.
Each Rossiniana contains an efficace medley of the most famous melodies taken from Rossini's operas. Volume 2 includes also three collections of Variations for guitar, never recorded before. These CD-s have been awarded in Italy as best production (guitar music) in 1996. Frederic Zigante appears on ARTS also in the complete edition of the Paganini's guitar music (47192 - 47195 4 CD-s).

- first complete recording of Le Rossiniane and the Variations for guitar
- Excellent perfomance of the young Fr‚d‚ric Zigante
- Awarded as best production in 1996 for guitar music

Table of MP3 Tracks

No. Tracktitle Tracktime Price put into basket  
Disc 1
Rossiniana n. 5 op. 123
11.29 3,00 €
Rossiniana n. 6 op. 124
11.59 3,00 €
Variazioni op. 102
08.37 2,00 €
Variazioni di una facilità progressiva op. 146
10.01 3,00 €
Variazioni brillanti e della più grande facilità op. 87
06.15 2,00 €
Variazioni op. 101
06.26 2,00 €


Interview with Frédéric Zigante online at www.tokafi.com (23.07.2007)

15 Questions to Frederic Zigante

Complete editions are Frederic Zigante's specialty: He recorded all of Nicolo Paganini's guitar works, the entire guitar catalogue of Villa-Lobos, as well as the cosmos of Mauro Giuliani's "Le Rossiniane" (only recently re-released as a double disc box set on ARTS). Behind this desire for integrity hides no pathologically prolific mind, but a man who searches for profundity and who wants to use the power of interpretation to the good. The latter implies that Zigante eschews (or may we even say "despises") the modern-day tendency to submit a Classical works to the arbitrariness of subjectivity, to change it, alter it or even leave out certain passages for more easy digestability.......

Please follow the link to read the complete review: http://www.tokafi.com/15questions/15-questions-to-frederic-zigante/view


Awarded best recording of guitar music during Expomusica in Pesaro/Italy 1995

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