Liber Mundi

Composer: Cristian Carrara
Conductor: Matthieu Mantanus
Solist: Francesco D'Orazio, Angela Nisi
Orchestra: Orchestra Filarmonica Toscanini
Genre: Contemporary
Label: SACD
Booklet with lyrics/libretto: no
CDs / Unit: 1
Cat-Nr.: 47759-8
Total Time: 54:25
Recording Date: 09/2011
Technology: Hybrid: 5+1 surround and stereo high resolution (DSD technique) + stereo CD layer
Release Date: 01/2012


Cristian Carrara (born 1977 and educated in the Friuli region in the northeastern part of Italy) ranks among the most creative composers of his generation. He decided to win back this simple clarity which had been driven back under the wrong dictate of the avant-garde. This simple clarity in the compositions of Carrara can be observed when listening to his music and when looking at the sheet music, even with an untrained eye. We know that a body (its beauty, its state of health) can best be assessed when it is naked and not when it is hidden by frippery. Therefore Carrara paradoxically risks more than anybody else who masks his work with the complexity, which perhaps conceals a slender body.

The core of the Mater is a tabula rasa, which is open in its tonality. Carrara plants on it a consonant, mild recitation. Face to Face, also for string orchestra, receives its title from a deeply philosophic passage from the first epistle of Paul to the Corinthians. Liber Mundi, for violin, soprano and orchestra, is a dialogue which developes out of the initial mistrust of the dialogue partners. The instruments imitate each other: first the violin, then the clarinet, then the soprano. Initially they are saying the same, before they get aware of themselves and communicate not only with one another but also with the world, which in this case means the orchestra. In the Tales from the Underground the orchestra does not play together all too often, too. Only seldomly all instruments can be heard together and build a wall of sounds reflecting the dimensions of Strauss. More calming and more familiar is A Peace Ouverture. It has a clear theme, in the beginning exposed by the orchestra and then taken up by the soloist violin and many times repeated. An unambiguous homage to Ennio Moricone is East West Romance: This applies on one hand for the title, but on the other hand also for the first beats, which are very much like the theme of C’era una volta in America (film by Sergio Leone from the year 1984).

Federico Capitoni

Table of MP3 Tracks

No. Tracktitle Tracktime Price put into basket  
Disc 1
per orchestra d'archi
Composers: Cristian Carrara
07.56 2,00 €
Face to Face
per violino e orchestra d'archi
09.46 2,00 €
Liber Mundi
per violino, soprano e orchestra 
11.42 3,00 €
Tales from the Underground
per orchestra 
Composers: Cristian Carrara
13.33 3,00 €
A Peace Ouverture
per violino e orchestra 
06.03 2,00 €
East West Romance
per violino e orchestra 
05.00 2,00 €


American Record Guide, November/December 2012 (01.11.2012)

I sense in this music a great serenity and a fundamental faith that music can make us better people. I do know that this is music I would like to share with others and listen to again and again. The performances are excellent and the sound beautiful. (Haskins)

pizzicato (01.06.2012)

♪♪♪♪ (Rémy Franck)

il Cittadino (23.05.2012)

Carrara, the world in symphony. (…) a testimony in style of this young artist from Friuli that has always loved to deal with the absolute sign in of calmness and elegance. (Elide Bergamaschi)

Carrara, mondo in sinfonia. (...) una testimonianza nel perfetto stile di questo giovane artista friulano che da sempre ama confrontarsi con l’assoluto nel segno della pacatezza e dell’eleganza. (15.04.2012)

The music by Cristian Carrara has a very precious gift: these days it has become more and more rare for contemporary composers to speak directly to the heart of the listener and to cross barriers erected by decades of complex intellectual ruminations and cultural dogmas imposed by sterile logic of party. […] the protagonist is the music of Carrara, with its message and its direct communicative power, it can provide answers to all accessible, but on one condition, that there is an open question from the listener. (Andrea Milanesi)

Read the full review here.

Città Nuova Online (03.04.2012)

The latest work of Carrara is original […] The closest collaborator of the unforgettable [Giorgio] Gaber back with a beautiful album: halfway between song writing and theatrical recitals. […] to sing life is and how it should or could be. (f.c.)

Read the full review here.

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