Peter Maag conducts Johann Strauss jr.: Famous Waltzes and Polkas

Composers: Johann Strauss
Conductor: Peter Maag
Orchestra: Orchestra Sinfonica RAI di Roma, Orchestra Sinfonica RAI di Torino
Genre: Concert
Label: Archives
Booklet with lyrics/libretto: no
CDs / Unit: 1
Cat-Nr.: 43036-2
Total Time: 79:22
Recordingdate: 1975/1993
Technologie: Remastered 24bit/96kHz
Release Date: Feb 05


Why produce a publication of unforgettable Strauss melodies performed live by orchestras certainly not used to the „Viennese“ sound that is of such importance for these waltzes and polkas? 
Simply because Peter Maag was a great interpreter of Johann Strauss and we now take this unique chance to present this fantastic recording with the Orchestra Sinfonica RAI di Roma and the Orchestra Sinfonica RAI di Torino to you.
Just look forward to this recording full of joy and happiness, composed by a man who, like almost no other, knew how to afford his orchestra to get into an extraordinary atmospheric mood.
This recording is published as part of our ARTS ARCHIVES series and was remastered with crystal clear 24bit / 96kHz technique. 

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Table of MP3 Tracks

No. Tracktitle Tracktime Price put into basket  
Disc 1
Melodien-Quadrille nach Verdi, op. 112
Composer: Johann Strauss
05.35 2,00 €
Banditen-Galopp, op. 378
Composer: Johann Strauss
02.27 0,99 €
Leichtes Blut, Polka schnell, op. 319
Composer: Johann Strauss
02.38 0,99 €
Kaiser-Walzer, op. 347
Composer: Johann Strauss
11.28 3,00 €
Rosen aus dem Süden, Walzer, op. 388
Composer: Johann Strauss
09.15 2,00 €
Annen-Polka, op. 117
Composer: Johann Strauss
04.50 0,99 €
Tritsch-Tratsch Polka, op. 214
Composer: Johann Strauss
02.35 0,99 €
Die Fledermaus, Overture
Composer: Johann Strauss
08.00 2,00 €
Unter Donner und Blitz, Polka schnell, op. 324
Composer: Johann Strauss
03.00 0,99 €
Romanze for Cello and Orchestra No. 1
Composer: Johann Strauss
05.29 2,00 €
Composer: Johann Strauss
02.25 0,99 €
Vergnügungszug, Polka schnell, op. 281
Composer: Johann Strauss
02.55 0,99 €
An der schönen blauen Donau, Walzer, op. 314
Composer: Johann Strauss
10.28 3,00 €
Perpetuum Mobile, Musikalischer Scherz, op. 257
Composer: Johann Strauss
03.00 0,99 €

Reviews: (20.04.2006)

"The musicians of the RAI orchestras are amazing under the baton of an undoubtely first class conductor as Peter Maag...The result is so fresh and charming as we got from a very few number of other be recommended without any doubt"

MUZYKA 21 (20.04.2006)

4 Stars from MUZYKA 21

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