Piano Sonatas, Op. 53 in C major "Waldstein-Sonata" & Op. 57 in F minor "Appassionata"

Composers: Ludwig van Beethoven
Soloist: Maria Mazo
Genre: Piano
Label: Blue Line
Booklet includes lyrics/libretto: no
CDs / Unit: 1
Cat-No.: 47764-2
Total Time: 48:43
Recordingdate: 01.-03.08.14
Technologie: Digital 24bit/96khz
Release Date: 2015


 This CD features two of the most important Sonatas of Ludwig van Beethoven, both belonging to the central period of his output: the Sonata in C major op. 53, known as the Waldstein Sonata in homage to its dedicatee Count Waldstein, and the Sonata in F minor op. 57, called the Appassionata. Composed between 1803 and 1805, these Sonatas mark the beginning of a new direction in Beethoven’s piano writing and share a high degree of virtuosity and brilliance, although differing in terms of their poetic character and setting.

The pianist Maria Mazo, winner of the Lodovici Prize, awarded by Peter Donohoe during the 2013 Busoni Competition, makes her recording debut. Since young age she was fascinated by Beethoven's music and it has been precisely her interpretations of some of these masterpieces what first definitely established Maria Mazo in the international concert scene - she has been awarded at several well-known Piano Competitions, too.

Experience this first recording of Maria Mazo and the collaboration with the organisation „Donatori di Musica“ (a network of musicians, doctors, nurses, volunteers, patients and families of patients, whose aim is to organize regular series of concerts in hospitals, totally and absolutely free-of-charge) and Arts Music.

Table of MP3 Tracks

No. Tracktitle Tracktime Price put into basket  
Disc 1
I. Allegro con brio

Sonata Op.53 in C major

10.52 3,00 €
II. Adagio molto

Sonata Op.53 in C major

04.08 0,99 €
III. Rondo: Allegretto moderato

Sonata Op.53 in C major

09.58 2,00 €
I. Allegro assai

Sonata Op.57 in F minor

09.50 2,00 €
II. Andante con moto

Sonata Op.57 in F minor

05.48 2,00 €
III. Allegro ma non troppo

Sonata Op.57 in F minor

08.07 2,00 €


Audiophile Audition (20.01.2014)

There are of course many competitors in Ravel’s piano music to his new release, but few could offer the superb hi-res multichannel sonics of this one, as well as the excellent performances. The 96K/24-bit recording used a set of Shoeps Ambisonic mics as well as a B & K mic. The original recording was made in Italy in November of 2012. (John Sunier)

Read the complete review here.

Panorama.it (06.06.2013)

The sheer beauty of a work without time

(…) Among these Pillars of Hercules passes Alessandra Ammara, whose Gaspard is inside a brand new album dedicated to the masterpieces of Ravel. I know her from the Conservatory of Florence, mid-80s. A phenomenon, and it has remained. Great, great Alessandra. (Nazzareno Carusi)

Read the complete review here.

Seen and Heard International (13.05.2013)

The Noble Return of Alessandra Ammara

When seamless pianistic facility is combined with profound musical insight it is called Alessandra Ammara. This present occasion is to celebrate her return to the concert platform following maternity leave and to mark the release of her latest CD (the first in her complete recordings of Ravel’s piano music) (...). I hereby predict that her just launched CD audio recording (ARTS SUPERAUDIO CD 47763-8) will be hailed as a landmark in the history of records of these demanding pieces. (Jack Buckley)

Read the complete review here.

Audiophile Audition (09.04.2013)

Young pianist Alessandro Mazzamuto shows some daring and flair in this first recording on the German Arts label. Young pianist Alessandro Mazzamuto shows some daring and flair in this first recording on the German Arts label. Mazzamuto has complete command of the keyboard (...). Each performance on the CD was technically first rate, and Mazzamuto is obviously giving the Rachmaninoff his full attention and passion. (Mel Martin)

Read the complete review here.

Muzyka21, No. 2 (151), February 2013 (01.02.2013)

4 Stars. How much poetry brings this young pianist to Rachmaninoff's music! His design has this delicate, impressionistic coloring (beautiful in Elégie op. 3). (…) However, the vision Mazzamuto's is very consistent, beautiful and artistically mature. Let's hope that the career of this pianist develops in the desired direction and will result in subsequent, no less successful productions. (Łukasz Kaczmarek)

Medioevo (Italy), January 2013 (01.01.2013)

An excellent performance of 'Melodi Cantores Ensemble' and 'La Pifarescha', both conducted by Elena Sartori with sensitivity and masterly skill. (Franco Bruni)

Piano News 1-13 (01.01.2013)

Almost magically (Mazzamuto) draws us into a suggestive pull. (Anja Renczikowski)

musica 242 (Italy), Dec. 2012/Jan. 2013 (31.12.2012)

5 Stars. (Dario Miozzi)

4 Stars. (Riccardo Risaliti)

Muzyka21, grudzien 2012 (01.12.2012)

4 Stars. Enjoy the result of thorough research and careful preparation of music, both of the vocal group and the instrumental music. [This album seems] to be a valuable publishing in 2012 as an initiative commemorating the fourhundredth anniversary of the death of Giovanni Gabrieli. An interesting choice of repertoire, good performance, adequate technical quality recordings that should appeal to music lovers not only old, but audiophiles who appreciate this multi-channel reception in the SACD format in which they were written. (Paul Chmielowski)

ICMA Nomination 2013 (08.11.2012)

ICMA Nomination 2013, Category Solo Instrument

Award Ceremony and Gala Concert on March 18, 2013, in Milan

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