This is a wonderful journey throughout 20th century piano music, performed by an accomplished artist that is well represented in ARTS' catalogue. The series XX offers a comprehensive summary of the music world of the last century and will be completed for the year 2000. After the award winning production of Flute XX with Roberto Fabbriciani (47167-2), the series will be followed during 1998 by Harp XX and Violin XX. In 1999 further additions with Cello XX, Piccolo XX, Bassoon XX, all productions utilizing the best European soloists. The two CDs now available include major works such us Ravel's La Valse, Scriabin's Sonata No. 9, Berg's Sonata or Prokofiev's Suggestion diabolique, as well as little rarities such us Roslavets' Prelude or Szymanowski's Métopes op. 29. In the contemporary music section, Volume 2 offers Berio's Sequenza No. 4, Stockhausen's Klavierstück VII and two pieces dedicated to Damerini by the composers Brian Ferneyough and Sylvano Bussotti. Large essays and nice artwork for two generous CDs which offer even more than 80 minutes of music per CD!!

- a further step in the series "XX"
- Massimiliano Damerini is worldwide renowned as a specialist of 20th century music
- a comprehensive tour around the music of the last century
- great mastepieces but rarities too
- no other available edition in ARTS' price category

Table of MP3 Tracks

No. Tracktitle Tracktime Price put into basket  
Disc 1
Prélude (1915)
04.37 0,99 €
04.01 0,99 €
Klavierstück op.11 Nr. 7
08.19 2,00 €
Sonate op.1, h-moll
13.13 3,00 €
Suggestion diabolique op.4 n.4
02.47 0,99 €
Nr. 4 Klavierstück VII
07.51 2,00 €
Sequenza IV
10.11 3,00 €
Musica per amici
05.51 2,00 €
14.10 3,00 €

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