Schubert Sonaten Vol. 2


This new edition of Schubert's Sonatas is offering the most famous items altogether with rarely performed and recorded piano pieces. A well known masterpiece as the Piano Sonata in A major D 959, is here coupled with the only surviving fragment of the sonata D 655 (five minutes of wonderful music only once recorded before), with the little Albumblatt D 844 (a Walzer in G
major) and with the larger Fantasia in C major "Grazer", so called after being discovered in Graz in 1968. Massimiliano Damerini is a well known italian pianist living in Genova and a worldwide recognized performer of XXth century piano music. The volume 1 of his Schubert complete edition was highly appreciated and we wxpect good reviews also for this new CD. All fills-up to Piano Sonata D 959 aren't available at medium or low price.

- not only a great masterpiece (Sonata D 959) but also many rarities
- all fills-up are not otherwise available at low or medium price
- good performances and pleasant listening

Table of MP3 Tracks

No. Tracktitle Tracktime Price put into basket  
Disc 1
I - Allegro
Piano Sonata in A major D 959 (op. post.)
15.26 4,00 €
II - Andantino
Piano Sonata in A major D 959 (op. post.)
09.07 2,00 €
III - Scherzo. Allegro vivace - Trio. Un poco più lento
Piano Sonata in A major D 959 (op. post.)
04.49 0,99 €
IV - Rondo. Allegretto
Piano Sonata in A major D 959 (op. post.)
14.33 3,00 €
Albumblatt in G major D 844 (Walzer)
01.24 0,99 €
Piano Sonata in C sharp minor D 655 (Fragment)
04.54 0,99 €
Fantasia in C major D 605A
13.03 3,00 €

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