Sonata No. 2 op. 36 (First Version, 1913), 5 Morceaux de Fantaisie op. 3 & Variations on a Theme of Corelli op. 42

Composer: Sergei Rachmaninoff
Solist: Alessandro Mazzamuto
Genre: Piano
Label: SACD
Booklet with lyrics/libretto: no
CDs / Unit: 1
Cat-Nr.: 47761-8
Total Time: 72:54
Recording Date: 20-22.06.2012
Technology: Hybrid: 5+1 surround and stero high resolution (DSD technique) + stereo CD layer
Release Date: 03.09.2012


Sergei Rachmaninoff (1873-1943) was one of the most important Russian composers and one of the greatest pianists of all times. At the piano he had a particular touch, a sound that Arthur Rubinstein described as the ''golden tone'', and an irrefutable magnetism able to capture and enchant his audiences. In this recording we can hear the Sonata No. 2 op. 36 in its first version, begun in Rome in 1910 and completed in Moscow in 1913. The five Morceaux de Fantaisie op. 3 were written in 1892 and represent the young composer’s first important milestone. The Variations on a Theme of Corelli op. 42 (1931) is his last significant work for piano and one of his most accomplished cycles of Variations. Throughout the twenty Variations, Rachmaninoff maintains an exemplary clarity and linearity in the conduct of the parts, a characteristic perhaps deriving from his experience in the classical and romantic repertory gained as a concert pianist during his American years from 1918 onwards.

The young Sicilian pianist Alessandro Mazzamuto, making his recording debut, was the winner of the Lodovici Prize, awarded by Martha Argerich during the 2011 Busoni Competition to the contestant who showed the greatest flair for a recording project: that is to say, originality of performance and the ability to root out and explore the poetic contents of the scores. In other words: a true artist.

Look forward to this first recording of Alessandro Mazzamuto and the second release in collaboration with the organisation ''Donatori di Musica'' (a network of musicians, doctors, nurses, volunteers, patients and families of patients, whose aim is to organize regular series of concerts in hospitals, totally and absolutely free-of-charge) and Arts Music, which is presented as high-quality, multi-channel Hybrid SACD and superior 24 bit/96 kHz sound quality.

Table of WMA Tracks

No. Tracktitle Tracktime Price put into basket  
Disc 1
Sonata No. 2 op. 36 in B flat Minor (First Version, 1913): I. Allegro agitato
10.59 4,50 €
Sonata No. 2 op. 36 in B flat Minor (First Version, 1913): II. Non allegro - Lento
08.25 3,00 €
Sonata No. 2 op. 36 in B flat Minor (First Version, 1913): III. Allegro molto
08.02 3,00 €
5 Morceaux de Fantaisie op. 3: No. 1 Elégie in E flat Minor
06.00 3,00 €
5 Morceaux de Fantaisie op. 3: No. 2 Prélude in C sharp Minor
04.33 1,50 €
5 Morceaux de Fantaisie op. 3: No. 3 Mélodie in E Major
06.06 3,00 €
5 Morceaux de Fantaisie op. 3: No. 4 Polichinelle in F sharp Minor
03.41 1,50 €
5 Morceaux de Fantaisie op. 3: No. 5 Sérénade in B flat Minor
03.24 1,50 €
Variations on a Theme of Corelli op. 42 in D Minor
19.57 6,00 €


Audiophile Audition (09.04.2013)

Young pianist Alessandro Mazzamuto shows some daring and flair in this first recording on the German Arts label. Young pianist Alessandro Mazzamuto shows some daring and flair in this first recording on the German Arts label. Mazzamuto has complete command of the keyboard (...). Each performance on the CD was technically first rate, and Mazzamuto is obviously giving the Rachmaninoff his full attention and passion. (Mel Martin)

Read the complete review here.

Muzyka21, No. 2 (151), February 2013 (01.02.2013)

4 Stars. How much poetry brings this young pianist to Rachmaninoff's music! His design has this delicate, impressionistic coloring (beautiful in Elégie op. 3). (…) However, the vision Mazzamuto's is very consistent, beautiful and artistically mature. Let's hope that the career of this pianist develops in the desired direction and will result in subsequent, no less successful productions. (Łukasz Kaczmarek)

Piano News 1-13 (01.01.2013)

Almost magically (Mazzamuto) draws us into a suggestive pull. (Anja Renczikowski)

musica 242 (Italy), Dec. 2012/Jan. 2013 (31.12.2012)

5 Stars. (Dario Miozzi)

4 Stars. (Riccardo Risaliti)

ICMA Nomination 2013 (08.11.2012)

ICMA Nomination 2013, Category Solo Instrument

Award Ceremony and Gala Concert on March 18, 2013, in Milan

pizzicato, November 2012 (01.11.2012)

I like this kind of musicians: the young 24-year old Sicilian Alessandro Mazzamuto is no virtuoso of show, no ruthless technician, but a pianist who at the piano is absorbed into the music and who plays with as much spontaneity as poetry. He is a pianist who has found the music again beyond the technical side of it. With great, suspenseful melodies he makes the grand piano sing. (RéF) (06.10.2012)

Compared with the two (...) Rachmaninoff recordings of Nareh Arghamanyan Xiayin and Wang (...) the downright daring (...) interpretative approach of the Sicilian attracts attention. The boldness of the pianist cannot be appreciated highly enough in our times of high-gloss polish, the same applies to the consistency with which Mazzamuto pursues his interpretive idea. (...) exquisite sound technology (...). The piano sound has plenty of space, but at the same time conveys Alessandro Mazzamuto's nuances of touch in the best way; but especially the huge dynamic range is inspiring. Sound Quality: 5 Stars. (Tobias W. Pfleger)

Read the complete review here.

il Cittadino (05.09.2012)

And the winner is ... Alexander Mazzamuto. (…) the young Sicilian pianist decided to surprise outside of the exclusive shortlist of six finalists. By listening one can find the hot temperature of his performances: the Mediterranean temperament [and] excellence that will in time fill the pores in a more narrative and imaginative run. (Elide Bergamaschi)

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