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I Barocchisti


This ensemble takes on the artistic legacy of the Società cameristica di Lugano (Switzerland), committing itself since the 50s to the performance of forgotten baroque works. Their musical director was Edwin Löhrer.

The Swiss violinist and mandolin player Duilio Galfetti is their leader. I Barocchisti perform in variable numbers ranging from 5 to 40 members from Switzerland and Italy, all with comprehensive concert experience as soloists and in chamber music.

Under the musical direction of Diego Fasolis, together with the "Coro della Radio Svizzera", they have recorded numerous concerts and discs that were awarded international prizes.


Das Ensemble übernimmt das künstlerische Vermächtnis der Società cameristica di Lugano, die sich unter der Leitung von Edwin Löhrer seit den fünfziger Jahren für die Aufführung vergessener Barockwerke einsetzte. Konzertmeister ist der Schweizer Geiger und Mandolinist Duilio Galfetti. I Barocchisti spielen in variabler Besetzung von 4 bis 40 Mitgliedern aus der Schweiz und Italien, die alle eine umfangreiche solistische und kammermusikalische Konzerterfahrung besitzen. Unter der Leitung von Diego Fasolis haben sie, zusammen mit dem "Coro della Radio Svizzera", zahlreiche Konzerte und mit internationalen Auszeichnungen bedachte Aufnahmen.


L'ensemble "I Barocchisti" bénéficie de l'héritage de la "Società cameristica di Lugano", qui a développé à partir des années 50, sous la conduite d'Edwin Löhrer, une activité fondamentale de revalorisation d'œuvres vocales et instrumentales de l'époque baroque en obtenant des succès tant en concerts qu'en production discographique. I Barocchisti se présente comme un ensemble italo-suisse variant de 4 a 40 musiciens, tous renommées avec à la base une solide formation culturelle et instrumentale et une activité propre de solistes d'envergure internationale, nourrie de diverses expériences auprès des principaux ensembles baroques en Europe. Le caractère "latin" des exécutions, manifeste dans la virtuosité et le rythme équilibré, jusqu'à la mélodie constamment expressive, suscite d'emblée les applaudissements du publique et les écrits enthousiastes de la critique. Conjointement avec le "Coro della Radio Svizzera" et sous la direction de Diego Fasolis, I Barocchisti réalise ces dernières années diverses productions discographiques.


Il complesso raccoglie, sotto la guida di Diego Fasolis, l'eredità della Società cameristica di Lugano che a partire dagli anni 50, sotto la guida di Edwin Löherer, ha svolto un'attività fondamentale per il recupero delle opere vocali e strumentali del Barocco ottenendo successi concertistici e discografici di livello mondiale. Primo violino èil virtuososvizzero Duilio Galfetti. Il complesso si presenta in formazioni variabili da 4 a 40 elementi tutti rinomati virtuosi svizzeri e italiani con una solida preparazione culturale e strumentale e con una propria attività solistica riconosciuta a livello internazionale. I musicisti provengono da varie esperienze con i maggiori complessi barocchi d'Europa. Il carattere "latino" delle esecuzioni improntate al virtuosismo e al ritmo equilibrati da una costante melodicità espressiva stimola il plauso del pubblico e della critica che sin dalle prime apparizioni ha scritto in termini entusiastici. Unitamente al Coro della Radio Svizzera in questi ultimi anni, con la direzione di Fasolis, ha realizzato diverse produzioni concertistiche e discografiche pluripremiate.

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Claudio Monteverdi: Vespro della Beata Vergine, 1610

Diego Fasolis is increasing day by day his popularity worldwide. His recordings have been awarded from Switzerland to Germany, France, USA and Italy. His Bach is recognized as one of the best available, his latest Handel recording is a best-seller worldwide, his Palestrina showed how much can he do ...
Preis: 16,00 €

George Frideric Handel: Messiah

Only available as download or as DVD-A (45007-6)
Preis: 30,00 €

Johann Sebastian Bach: Psalm 51 from Pergolesi's Stabat Mater BWV 1083, Cantata "Vergnügte Ruh, beliebte Seelenlust" BWV 170

Only available as Download!The world press acclaims every single release by Diego Fasolis. Why? Where is the reason for this deeply moving feeling the listeners get? The answer is just as simple: His interpretations are impregnated with an intense relationship to the very spirit in music. It makes y...
Preis: 15,00 €

Johann Sebastian Bach: Cantatas BWV 198 "Trauerode", BWV 106 "Actus Tragicus", BWV 196 "Der Herr denket an uns", BWV 53 "Schlage doch, gewünschte Stunde"

Only available as download!There is no single release by Diego Fasolis, which has not been acclaimed by the world press, no single release where the listener wouldn’t have witnessed Fasolis’ magic power to enchant with his love, passion and devotion. The religious aura of each interpretation impregn...
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Johann Sebastian Bach: Bach Weihnachtsoratorium BWV 248

Is there a better moment to release a Christmas oratory than during Christmas time? Surely not! That is why ARTS Music presents the Christmas Oratorio by Johann Sebastian Bach on 2 Hybrid SACDs in multichannel sound in November! Under the guidance of Diego Fasolis well known soloists like Charles Da...
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Johann Sebastian Bach: Brandenburg Concertos Nos. 1-4 BWV 1046-1049

The so-called Brandenburg Concertos are a collection of six instrumental works which Bach wrote during his time as „Hofkapellmeister“ in Cothen. He dedicated them to Margrave Christian Ludwig of Brandenburg. Every single concerto is an interpretation for a variety of instrumentation. Through these w...
Preis: 17,00 €

Johann Sebastian Bach: Brandenburg Concertos Nos. 5-6 BWV 1050-1051 & Triple Concerto BWV 1044

The Concerto No. 5 BWV 1050 occupies a special position in the history of instrumental concertos. Here - for the first time - Bach promotes the harpsichord from a basso continuo to a solo instrument. In this way the solo part for harpsichord became one of the longest and most complex Allegro of all ...
Preis: 17,00 €

Johann Sebastian Bach: Cantata "Der Zufriedengestellte Aeolus" BWV 205 & Cantata "Unser Mund sei voll Lachens" BWV 110

The tribute cantata ''Aeolus pacified'' was probably first performed in 1725 in the open air for Dr. August Friedrich Mueller, a Professor at the University of Leipzig, who enjoyed great popularity amongst his students. The students had the cantata written as a tribute for their professor's name day...
Preis: 17,00 €

Johann Sebastian Bach: Cembalo Concertos: BWV 1052, BWV 1053, BWV 1056, BWV 1054

 Only available as Download!The Cembalo Concertos BWV 1052-1056 from Johann Sebastian Bach presented on this CD were presumably written in the year 1738. One important feature of the four harpsichord concerts is that a majority of its movements are revisions (i.e. parodies) of other composition...
Preis: 17,00 €

George Frideric Handel: Ode for St. Cecilia's Day HWV 76, Concerto for Organ No. 13 HWV 295 & Coronation Anthems HWV 258 ''Zadok the Priest''

The ''Ode on St. Cecilia's Day'' was originally written in the year 1697 by John Dryden (1631-1700), one of the major poets of the classical era. The work is dedicated to Saint Cecilia, a Christian martyr, who had become the patroness of all musicians due to her fabulous musical skills. The en...
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Johann Sebastian Bach: 6 Motetten - Motets BWV 225 - 230

Only available as download!After having proved its outstanding reputation on numerous recordings for ARTS, the Swiss Radio Chorus, a specialized ensemble for authentic performance, shows its best vocal abilities with the 6 motets by Bach. - Bach's six motets on one CD- Diego Fasolis conducts the C...
Preis: 15,00 €

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