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Donato Renzetti

Luigi Cherubini: Sinfonia in re maggiore - Médée Overture - Ifigenia in Aulide Overture - Le crescendo Overture

Cherubini's only symphony is a little masterpiece, or so thought Toscanini, who recorded it for the first time showing its freshness and intensity. But Cherubini's symphony in D minor is also full of difficulties and only a few selected conductors tried to record it. This is the only available digit...
Preis: 8,00 €

Franz Schubert: Schubert Ouvertüren

Franz Schubert's production for orchestra includes 9 (8) symphonies as well as some beautiful ouvertures which, although not very well-known, were composed in the most typical viennese style. We have some concert ouvertures and some ouvertures from operas or Singspiele, all represented in this most ...
Preis: 8,00 €

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