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Ensemble Strumentale Italiano

Leonardo Leo: Concerti per violoncello, 2 violini e continuo - Vol. 2

Leonardo Leo (1694-1744) was an Italian composer and cellist. His main works were dedicated to the cello and his most well known pieces are by far his 6 Cello Concertos. Arturo Bonucci recorded them for the first time eight years ago, conducting from the cello a chamber orchestra made by the first c...
Preis: 8,00 €

Leonardo Leo: Cello Concertos Nos. 1-6 - 2 CD-Box

Only available as download!ARTS releases two further world-premiere recordings as a special Box-Collection. Having received very good reviews we want the press to report about the good quality of Leonardo Leo’s Cello Concertos No. 1-6, played by Arturo Bonucci and accompanied by the Ensemble Strumen...
Preis: 16,00 €

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