Giuliani: Le Rossiniane, Vol. 2

Giuliani: Le Rossiniane, Vol. 2
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This is the first complete recording of the six Rossiniane for guitar composed during last... mehr
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This is the first complete recording of the six Rossiniane for guitar composed during last century by the italian musician Mauro Giuliani. Frederic Zigante performs this music with plenty of technical resources and great musicality. Each Rossiniana contains an efficace medley of the most famous melodies taken from Rossini's operas. Volume 2 includes also three collections of Variations for guitar, never recorded before. These CD-s have been awarded in Italy as best production (guitar music) in 1996. Frederic Zigante appears on ARTS also in the complete edition of the Paganini's guitar music (47192 - 47195 4 CD-s).

- first complete recording of Le Rossiniane and the Variations for guitar
- Excellent perfomance of the young Frederic Zigante
- Awarded as best production in 1996 for guitar music


Total Time: 53.67
Le Rossiniane: Rossiniana No. 5, Op. 123 11.29
Le Rossiniane: Rossiniana No. 6, Op. 124 11.59
Le Rossiniane: Variazioni, Op. 102 8.37
Le Rossiniane: Variazioni di una facilità progressiva, Op. 146 10.01
Le Rossiniane: Variazioni brillanti e della più grande facilità, Op. 87 6.15
Le Rossiniane: Variazioni, Op. 101 6.26
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