Puccini: Tosca

Puccini: Tosca
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Raina Kabaivanska has been internationally acclaimed as one of the best ever 'Tosca'. This... mehr
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Raina Kabaivanska has been internationally acclaimed as one of the best ever 'Tosca'. This performance catches the soprano in her best period with the advantage of a digital studio recording. Together with Raina Kabaivanska we find the tenor Nazzareno Antinori, Nelson Portella as well as the renowned maestro Enzo Dara, under the conductor Gabriele Bellini. This recording appeared for a short period under the label Frequenz at a higher price. We are now offering it as part of our exciting budget line with full italian libretto and texts in four languages.

- Raina Kabaivanska in the title role
- A digital studio recording of high quality in a budget line series
- A very well known opera


Total Time: 113.35
Tosca: Act I, Ah....Finalmente 2.10
Tosca: Act I "E sempre lava..." 4.07
Tosca: Act I "Recondita armonia..." 3.31
Tosca: Act I "Gente là dentro" 1.11
Tosca: Act I "Mario Mario Mario...." 7.25
Tosca: Act I "Qual occhio al mondo..." 5.17
Tosca: Act I "È buona la mia Tosca..." 3.53
Tosca: Act I "Tutta qui la cantoria..." 1.26
Tosca: Act I "Un tal baccano in chiesa..." 4.19
Tosca: Act I "Mario Mario..." 6.54
Tosca: Act I "Tre birri...Una carozza..." 4.23
Tosca: Act II "Tosca è un buon falco..." 6.13
Tosca: Act II "Sale, ascende l'uman cantico...  3.32
Tosca: Act II "Ed or fra noi parliam..." 10.16
Tosca: Act II "Vittoria Vittoria..." 2.58
Tosca: Act II "Già Mi dicon venal..." 4.32
Tosca: Act II "Vissi d'arte, vissi d'amore..." 9.38
Tosca: Act II "Tosca, finalmente mia..." 4.48
Tosca: Act III "Io de' sospiri..." 9.34
Tosca: Act III "E lucean le stelle..." 2.55
Tosca: Act III "franchigia a Floria Tosca..." 2.44
Tosca: Act III "O dolci mani mansuete e pure..." 1.24
Tosca: Act III "Senti...l´ora è vicina..." 6.27
Tosca: Act III "Com'è linga l'attesa..." 3.38
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