Caccini: Madrigali, Arie & Canzoni

Caccini: Madrigali, Arie & Canzoni
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Giulio Caccini (1545-1618) was one of the main composer of the famous "Camerata" of Florence... mehr
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Giulio Caccini (1545-1618) was one of the main composer of the famous "Camerata" of Florence that historically brought forth the opera. Favourite musician of the Medici family, Caccini composed several Madrigals, Arias and Canzonas, such as the famous "Amarilli mia bella", that remains among his best works. This is one of the very few available collections of Caccini's works. Tania d'Althann (soprano and baroque harp), Paolo Cherici (Lute and theorbo) and Hans Ludwig Hirsch (Harpsichord and conductor) offer a stilish performance on original instruments. They are all members of the Accademia Claudio Monteverdi, an ensemble that is specialised on early baroque music, whose recordings are already available on ARTS. This production, recorded in the eighties has never been previously available in CD.

- A rare collection of Caccini's works
- Performed on original instruments by accomplished artists
- Previously not available on CD


Total Time: 54.27
Madrigale: "Dite o del foco mio" 2.31
Madrigale modello: "Deh, deh, dove son fuggiti" 2.24
Aria Ottava, Canzonetta: "Odi Euterpe" 2.34
Aria Quinta, Canzonetta: "Fillide mia" 3.25
Canzonetta: "Aur'amorosa" 2.53
Aria Sesta, Canzonetta: "Udite, udite amanti" 3.05
Madrigale: "Dovrò dunque morire" 2.35
Canzonetta: "Con le luci d´un bel ciglio" 2.09
Madrigale: "Se voi lagrime a pieno" 2.01
Madrigale: "Amarilli mia bella" 2.50
Romanesca: "Torna, deh torna" 3.49
Aria Quarta, Canzonetta: "Fere selvaggie" 4.48
Canzonetta: "Dalla porta d´oriente" 1.38
Sonetto: "Tutto ´l dì piango" 6.23
Canzonetta: "O che felice giorno" 3.08
Madrigale: "Vedrò ´l mio sol" 3.55
Canzonetta: "Belle rose porporine" 4.19
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