Peri: Euridice

Peri: Euridice
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Finally on CD the first ever opera in a philological performance on original instruments. After... mehr
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Finally on CD the first ever opera in a philological performance on original instruments. After long studies on the manuscripts of Jacopo Peri, the flutist and conductor Roberto de Caro recorded for ARTS this amazing masterpiece dated 1600. Only a few years later Claudio Monteverdi achieved success with his Orfeo based on a similar libretto but the dramatic intensity of this Euridice is even higher than Monteverdi's, especially as performed by such accomplished musicians. The best singers for italian baroque music are all represented in this edition and it is as important as Euridice is an opera based on the inflexions of the italian language.A fascinating experience in the field of the purest baroque music that ARTS Authentic series is proud to offer as part of ist budget line. The 2-CD box includes a booklet in four languages with Italian/English libretto.

- First recording of the original score
- First recording DDD and first recording on original instruments
- No competitors on the market, even at top price
- Excellent cast
- First ever opera
- Fascinating music
- A complete booklet with translation of the libretto in English
- We expect excellent reviews and probably awards for baroque music


Total Time: 101.40
Euridice: Prologo "Io, che d'alti sospir vaga e di pianti" 5.02
Euridice: Scene I "Ninfe, ch'i bei crin d'oro" 2.04
Euridice: Scene I "Vaghe ninfe amorose" 0.55
Euridice: Scene I "Donne, ch'a' miei diletti" 1.03
Euridice: Scene I "Credi, ninfa gentile" 0.51
Euridice: Scene I "In mille guise e mille" 1.09
Euridice: Scene I "Al canto, al ballo, all'ombra, al prato adorno" 3.12
Euridice: Scene II "Antri, ch'a' miei lamenti" 2.55
Euridice: Scene II "Sia pur lodato il ciel, lodato Amore" 1.59
Euridice: Scene II - Tirsi viene in Euridice: Scene sonando la presente Zinfonia 1.49
Euridice: Scene II "Deh come ogni bifolco, ogni pastore" 0.41
Euridice: Scene II "Lassa! Che di spavento e di pietate" 3.28
Euridice: Scene II "Per quel vago boschetto" 4.15
Euridice: Scene II "Non piango e non sospiro" 1.57
Euridice: Scene II "Ahi! Mort'invid'e ria" 1.27
Euridice: Scene II "Sconsolati desir, gioie fugaci" 1.31
Euridice: Scene II "Cruda morte, hai! Pur potesti" 6.17
Euridice: Scene III "Se fato invido e rio" 0.55
Euridice: Scene III "Con frettoloso passo" 4.15
Euridice: Scene III "Io che pensato havea di starmi ascoso" 3.20
Euridice: Scene III "Se de' boschi i verdi onori" 1.21
Euridice: Scene III "Poi che dal bel sereno" 1.14
Euridice: Scene IV "Scorto da immortal guida" 1.01
Euridice: Scene IV "L'oscuro varc'onde siam giunti a queste" 1.49
Euridice: Scene IV "Furneste piagge, ombrosi orridi campi" 7.20
Euridice: Scene IV "Ond'è cotanto ardire" 2.22
Euridice: Scene IV "Dhe, se la bella diva" 2.05
Euridice: Scene IV "Dentro l'infernal porte" 3.44
Euridice: Scene IV "O re, nel cui sembiante" 1.34
Euridice: Scene IV "A sì soavi preghi" 1.36
Euridice: Scene IV "Sovra l'eccelse stelle" 2.18
Euridice: Scene IV "Trionfi oggi pietà ne' campi inferni" 2.11
Euridice: Scene IV "Poi che gl'eterni imperi" 2.24
Euridice: Scene V "Già del bel carro ardente" 1.16
Euridice: Scene V "Voi, che sì ratt'il volo" 4.31
Euridice: Scene V "Quand'al tempio n'andaste, io mi pensai" 1.34
Euridice: Scene V "Chi può del cielo annoverar le stelle" 2.37
Euridice: Scene V "Gioite al canto mio, selve frondose" 1.11
Euridice: Scene V "Quella, quella son'io per cui piangeste" 3.09
Euridice: Scene V "Modi or soavi or mesti" 0.39
Euridice: Scene V "Felice semideo, ben degna prole" 1.29
Euridice: Scene V "Ritornello strumentale" 0.46
Euridice: Scene V "Biod'arcer, che d'alto monte" 4.09
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