Handel: The Messiah, Highlights

Handel: The Messiah, Highlights
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The most famous of Händel's oratorios in a sumptious recording which offers four excellent... mehr
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The most famous of Händel's oratorios in a sumptious recording which offers four excellent soloists, the powerful and experienced singing of the english chorus the Ambrosian Singers, and the lightness and brilliancy of sound of I Solisti Veneti conducted by Claudio Scimone. When it first appeared on the market, this recording was acclaimed worldwide by the critics as one of the best ever recordings of Händel's masterpiece and as a golden mean between tradition and philology.

- Worldwide recognized artists
- Excellent recording with extremely positive critics on the main international music magazines
- A 'must' for Christmas presents
- Appealing music including the famous chorus 'Halleluja'
- No quality alternative at budget price


Total Time: 67.16
The Messiah: No. 3 Air "Ev'ry valley shall be exalted" 2.58
The Messiah: No. 4 Chorus "And the glory of the Lord" 2.20
The Messiah: No. 7 Chorus "And he shall purify" 2.25
The Messiah: No. 8 Recitative "Behold, a virgin shall conceive" 0.40
The Messiah: No. 9 Air & Chorus "O thou that tellest good tidings" 4.25
The Messiah: No. 12 Chorus "For unto us a child is born" 3.55
The Messiah: No. 18 Air "Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion" 4.08
The Messiah: No. 21 Chorus "His yoke is easy" 2.23
The Messiah: No. 24 Chorus "Surely he hath borne our griefs" 2.07
The Messiah: No. 25 Chorus "And with his stripes we are healed" 1.50
The Messiah: No. 26 Chorus "All we like sheep have gone astray" 3.33
The Messiah: No. 30 Arioso "Behold, and see if there be any sorrow" 0.57
The Messiah: No. 31 Accompagnato "He was cut off out of the land" 0.18
The Messiah: No. 32 Air "But thou didst not leave" 1.41
The Messiah: No. 33 Chorus "Lift up your heads" 2.56
The Messiah: No. 34 Recitative "Unto which of the angels" 0.15
The Messiah: No. 35 Chorus "Let all the angels of God" 1.38
The Messiah: No. 37 Chorus "The Lord gave the word" 1.08
The Messiah: No. 40 Air "Why do the nations so furiously" 1.30
The Messiah: No. 41 Chorus "Let us break their bonds asunder" 1.46
The Messiah: No. 44 Chorus "Hallelujah" 3.35
The Messiah: No. 47 Recitative "Behold, I tell you a mystery" 0.36
The Messiah: No. 48 Air "The trumpet shall sound" 8.08
The Messiah: No. 49 Recitative "Then shall be brought to pass" 0.25
The Messiah: No. 51 Chorus "O death, where is thy sting"& No. 50"But thanks be to God" 3.11
The Messiah: No. 52 Air "If God be for us" 4.18
The Messiah: No. 53 Chorus "Worthy is the lamb" 6.59
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