Monteverdi: Vespro della Beata Vergine

Monteverdi: Vespro della Beata Vergine
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Diego Fasolis is increasing day by day his popularity worldwide. His recordings have been... mehr
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Diego Fasolis is increasing day by day his popularity worldwide. His recordings have been awarded from Switzerland to Germany, France, USA and Italy. His Bach is recognized as one of the best available, his latest Handel recording is a best-seller worldwide, his Palestrina showed how much can he do for the early Italian Baroque music. And now Monteverdi. He starts with a fresh and direct live recording of the famous Vespri of 1610. He will follow next year with a new recording of Orfeo. To get the best results from this live recording Fasolis utilized a wonderful instrumental ensemble where you can find the best baroque players, including the cornets and trombones of the famous Concerto Palatino. Besides the excellent soloists, no doubt that the real protagonist of this recording is the excellent chorus of the Swiss Radio, that is simply impeccable, powerful and stylish. As many international magazines pointed, this is one of the best baroque choruses available and the most effective of the Mediterranean area and style. The "Magnificat" is astonishingly beautiful in this new reading and it is a wonderful conclusion to this recording, available on two CDs special price and shortly on one full video DVD Dolby Surround too.Next recording with Diego Fasolis: Bach Cantatas (including the Bach version of Pergolesi's Stabat Mater) and Handel's Messiah.

- "The" Fasolis's Monteverdi
- An impressive and direct recording of the famous "Vespro"
- Excellent soloists and chorus. Baroque orchestra including the best European musicians
- Not to be missed by all fans of Italian Baroque Music
- Available on 2 CDs and shortly on one DVD full video Dolby Surround


Total Time: 97.35
Introductio: Deus in adiutorium 02.22
Psalmus 109, Dixit Dominus: Antiphona I, Dum esset rex. 08.12
Concerto: Nigra sum 04.07
Psalmus 112, Laudate pueri: Antiphona II, Laeva ejus 06.39
Concerto: Pulchra es 03.38
Psalmus 121, Laetatus sum: Antiphona III, Nigra sum 07.11
Concerto: Duo Seraphim 05.48
Psalmus 126, Nisi Dominus: Antiphona IV, Jam hiems transiit 05.04
Concerto: Audi coelum 08.24
Psalmus 147, Lauda Jerusalem: Antiphona V, Speciosa facta es 04.48
Sonata sopra Sancta Maria 06.33
Capitulum: Ecce virgo 09.22
Versiculum, Dignare me: Antiphona ad Magnificat, Sancta Maria succurre miseris 02.24
Magnificat: Magnificat anima mea 00.53
Magnificat: Et exultavit 01.26
Magnificat: Quia respexit 01.58
Magnificat: Quia fecit 01.09
Magnificat: Et misericordia 02.14
Magnificat: Fecit potentiam 01.03
Magnificat: Deposuit 02.30
Magnificat: Esurientes 01.45
Magnificat: Suscepit Israel 01.20
Magnificat: Sicut locutus 01.05
Magnificat: Gloria Patri 02.36
Magnificat: Sicut erat 02.39
Oratio: Concede nos 02.19
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