Organ History: The Russian Schools

Organ History: The Russian Schools
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ARTS' celebrated "Organ History" offers in the sixt volume of the series an exciting journey... mehr
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ARTS' celebrated "Organ History" offers in the sixt volume of the series an exciting journey through the music for organ composed by russian musicians during nineteenth and twentieth century. Most part of these compositions have never been recorded, as usual in this series, showing unknown aspects of well known musicians such as Glinka, Taneyev, Khachaturian, Shostakovich and others. Following the success of the latest volume dedicated to America (47272) and the next volume that will be dedicated to England, this is an exciting issue, not to be missed by every lover of organ music. Arturo Sacchetti is the offical organist of Vatican City.

- unexpected and quite unknown russian repertoire
- mostly never recorded before
- sixth volume of a long term recording project dedicated to organ music


Total Time: 76.25
Fugue 2.14
Choral Variée 6.40
Prélude Pastorale, Op. 54 13.52
Fantaisie, Op. 110 19.55
Chant Chérubique 5.47
Prélude et Fugue à la Russe 9.06
Fugue 4.26
Introduction And Fugue 6.12
Katerina Izmaylova, Op. 29: Passacaglia 7.59
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